Interview / Barbara Bezina

I never plan or work with previous ideas or sketches. Working in the present and always see and discover new things.

– Barbara Bezina



Barbara Bezina was born in Necochea, Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 26, 1980. She began drawing at an early age and discovered the painting and later photography and digital art.

Her works are layered digital images using a sophisticated vocabulary of the surreal, the sensual, the geometric and abstract. All elements are injected with an ecological sensibility which apparently stems from an interest in translating internal and external elements of the human body and the natural world in a fresh language literally and symbolically. You could say that his art is clearly identifiable and distinct, as in all her works show the essence of the artist.

At the age of 28 she moved to a mountain village in the province of San Juan, where she finds instead to devote herself completely to art. For her work she has participated in several national and international exhibitions in England, France, Belgium, USA, Mexico, Egypt, Greece.

What made you start in art?

I was born like that, it’s part of me from the beginning.

You mix painting, photo, digital. How does it work?

I mix all because I do all those things. I have seasons in which drawing or paint a lot, other than take pictures, other than looking textures or backgrounds in nature, and I’m keeping that. One day I sit at the computer, I open photoshop and there is mixed all, without any particular idea, it’s like I’m assembling a puzzle. So go out, digital works, leaving them to get out.

La mujer blanca

La mujer blanca

Your subjects are mostly female, why?

I don’t know, maybe because I am. Maybe its for all that women represent.

La floración

La floración

What is the relation between body and nature for you ?

Without nature, no body. We have become unnatural in every way, and that’s why we suffer and get sick so much.

Is it difficult to work as a female artist ?

I would think not, but sometimes at a woman, you say things or acts in a way, that if man would not be so.

Transfiguración I

Transfiguración I

What do you do when you want to stop your art ?

Never want stop, so …

Could you do the same kind of art if you lived in a big city?

Of Course not. My work is what it is thanks to live far from civilization, and being in touch with nature and myself.

Un misterio

Un misterio

Would it inspire you to live in a big city?

I lived many years in a big city, and would not return again.

You mix very well nature and digital work..How is it to express nature with modern technology?

I just know that nature is primitive, primordial, I’m always behind that, so mysterious and original, always had a huge attraction towards nature and towards introspection, on the other side live in the XXI century, technology is part of this time and I always had an affinity and ease of use. What I do miss me naturally.

Hibernando IV

Hibernando IV

What are you working on now?

I never plan or work with previous ideas or sketches. Working in the present and always see and discover new things.

Any exhibition next?

No. For some time, I focus only on the creation.

Are you attracted by other form of art? Sculpture? clay? Mosaic? Film?

I like art in general. What most attracts me is literature and music.


If you want to find more artwork, visit Barbara’s blog.


Presented by International Foundation for Women Artists


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